Civil Draftsman

January 4, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

We are looking for a self-motivated draftsman who can work alongside a number of specialists at our company. The draftsman will form part of a multidisciplinary engineering team and should be comfortable working at an adjustable table as well as a computer terminal.

Responsibilities of Civil Draftsman

1. Creating accurate and detailed drawings for civil engineering projects, such as roads, bridges, dams, and buildings.

2. Preparing designs from verbal descriptions and sketches.

3. Utilizing computer software to create designs and drawings.

4. Providing technical assistance to engineers.

5. Explaining drawings to clients and other stakeholders.

6. Incorporating changes and corrections into existing designs.

7. Maintaining records and files of completed designs.

8. Assisting with budgeting and cost estimates.

9. Researching and gathering data to create accurate drawings.

10. Collaborating with other design professionals to ensure accuracy.

Draftsman Requirements:

Bachelor of Science in engineering or architecture.
Degree from a technical college also acceptable.
Experience in computer-aided design and drafting (CADD).
Ability to draw manually favorable, but not essential.
Ability to work well in a team and on your own.
Ability to respond well to criticism and maintain a positive attitude.