Logic Support Analyst

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Job Description

The Logistics Support Analyst is a professional responsible for providing administrative, logistical, and technical support to an organization’s logistics operations. The Logistics Support Analyst will be responsible for maintaining accurate data records, tracking shipments, and preparing reports. They must have the ability to coordinate activities between multiple departments and vendors.

The Logistics Support Analyst will be responsible for:

• Developing and implementing efficient logistics processes and procedures.
• Creating and maintaining accurate records and databases related to logistics operations.
• Tracking shipments and ensuring timely delivery of goods.
• Preparing reports and analyzing data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.
• Liaising with vendors and other departments to coordinate activities and ensure smooth logistics operations.
• Supporting the organization’s purchasing operations.
• Monitoring and maintaining inventory levels.
• Troubleshooting any issues related to the logistics process.
• Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with vendors.
• Providing technical support to logistics personnel.
• Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws.